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Nvart Andreassian





Professionals are impressed by her very large musical culture and solid conducting techniques.

For her, interpreting means sharing the spiritual and emotional dimension of music with the players and the audience. Wide-ranging and deep exploration of music, and an analytical reading, shapes her attitude towards repertoires and a conducting language which sets out to be creative, innovative and expressive.

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She aims to decipher the composer's argument and sensibility through the interactive flow of its dynamics and intensity, to sculpt the music as a virtual image, bringing its colors and poetry vividly to life and breathing life into sounds and rhythms.

After studying choir conducting in Yerevan (Armenia) with Herman Terteryan  and Orchestra/ Opera conducting in Conservatoire de Paris  with  Pierre Dervaux , Jean Fournet and Sergiu Chelibidache , and conducting Contemporary Music with  Pierre Boulez and Peter Eotvos , she has been Assistant-Conductor in Paris Grand Opera of  Christophe von Dohnany, Daniel Barenboim, Herbert von Karayan. In 1980 she was a prize winner of the Besançon Young Conductors  Competition . The same year  she was invited to become  the Artistic Director and the Chief Conductor of  the French  Contemporary Music Ensemble “Polychromie'' and  the “ Polychromy  Festival”. She has been a contemporary music interpreter and promotor for  50 years


Her love of music and travel  was  combined  when she was invited to become Conductor at the Armenian National Opera from 1993 to 1995 and  Chief Conductor at the  Tianjin Symphony Orchestra (China) from 1998 to 2003.

She is guest conductor at the Hilversum Radio Symphony Orchestra (Netherlands), Szombathely Philharmonic Orchestra (Hungaria),  Porto Alegre Symphonic Orchestra (Brazil), Tianjin and Changchoun Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Bursa State Symphony Orchestra, Istanbul State Opera  (Turkey) , Orchestre National de Lille, Orchestre National de L`Île de France, Orchestre National de Lorraine (France), Janacek Philharmonic Orchestra, (Czech Republic), Moscow Helikon Opera, Russian State Perm Opera and Ballet Theater, Russian  State Symphony Orchestra and Capella (Russia), Armenian State Chamber Orchestra, Gyumri State Symphony Orchestra(Armenia)

She is also leading Masterclasses on “Contemporary Music Interpreting  Art” for composers , performers and conductors in State Music Conservatories in Beijing, Brussels, Porto Alegre, Tianjin, Montevideo, Geneva, Yerevan, Lille, Paris, Gent , Moscow, Istanbul, Sofia, Ankara ,Prague

Her repertoire includes classical and contemporary operas and symphony music.

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