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Carla Algeri



Carla Algeri was born in Almirante Brown, Buenos Aires, Carla studied with legendary Maestro Osvaldo Pugliese and she is direct disciple of Maestro Rodolfo Mederos and Maestro Néstor Marconi. Carla obtained her Master's Degree in Latin American Composers at UNAM and Conducting Youth Orchestras and Choirs at UNA National University of Arts, in addition to her studies at National University of La Plata UNLP at the Faculty of Engineering. She was also trained in Learning Pedagogy at the Violeta de Gainza and Gladys Esperanza School.

Carla is Professor at the Universidad de Artes Network, Colombia, in extracurricular activities of the Faculty of Arts.

Carla is Director and founder of Polo Bandoneón a Cultural Center for the preservation and dissemination of the Bandoneón as the axis of the Patrimonial Culture of the Río de La Plata. As a Cultural Advisor of the City of Buenos Aires, she is carrying out important concerts, museum activities, master classes at Universities in Colombia and Portugal about the language of Tango.

Carla is member of the International Arts Council and in charge of the Bandonium Foundation and responsible for the Patrimonialization of Tango at UNESCO.

Outstanding personality of the culture of the City of Buenos Aires, Carla received the Order of the Mano Blanca Mailbox and also awarded the key to the City of Miami from Miami’s Mayor Office for her work in Culture. The municipalities of Santuario, Medellín, Pereira, Andes, Jericó, Buga, Santa Fé de Antioquia, Bucaramanga, and other cities in Colombia, offered her different recognitions. Tango Cultural Ambassador of the City of Buenos Aires and her native municipality Almirante Brown and currently Member of the International Academy of History and Communication Sciences.

Among her recordings can be mentioned: Rodolfo Mederos Typical Orchestra 2006; “Gardel's Seventy” together with Juanjo Domínguez 2007; Carla Algeri Quintet “Tribute Album” 2012; “Balada del Alba” with Chico Novarro 2013; “Response” for bandoneon, piano and symphony orchestra. “Tribute to Aníbal Troilo” 2015; “When you are not here”, bandoneon and string orchestra, “Tribute to Carlos Gardel” 2015; “Memories of a Bandoneón” 2016 a symphonic recording nominated for the “Buenos Aires Gardel Awards”. “Together 20 years”, 2019 with Armando de la Vega. “Two and two are three” 2020, Trio with Armando de la Vega and Rafael Gintoli. “Testament of a Mozart Milonguero” 2021 with bandoneon octet. “Tribute to Piazzolla” 2022 for Trio with Rafael Gintoli and Armando de la Vega. “Gray of Absence” 2022. Duet with Leonardo Marconi. “Song of October” 2022 with bandoneon Octet, music by Piazzolla.


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