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Curious Duo(Haonan(Daniel) Yang-OBOE,Yiqi Chen-CELLO)

Jan 29 at 8:00pm EST (10 and under/11-14)

Sonata in C minor S.277(Johann David Heinichen)

Curious Duo(Haonan(Daniel) Yang-OBOE,Yiqi Chen-CELLO)

About Haonan Yang
Haonan(Daniel) Yang was born in Shenzhen in 2008. He was admitted to the oboe major of the Central Conservatory of Music Middle School in 2020. Now he is studying in the second year of junior. He is taught by Professor Wei Weidong, a famous Chinese oboe player, educator, professor of the Central Conservatory of Music, and the first oboe doctoral tutor in China.
Since childhood, he has developed a keen interest in music and musical instruments. As the oboe principal of Shenzhen Cuizhu Primary School Orchestra during elementary school, he participated in many performances such as the China-Korea concert and the special concert of Shenzhen Youth Music Week held at the Shenzhen Grand Theater, and assisted the orchestra to win 4 group gold medals and 1 silver medal. Won 5 individual gold medals for oboe solo in the Salzburg International Music Competition in Austria, NMCC in the United States and Royal International Art Competition in the United Kingdom. At the age of 11, he successfully performed the Oboe Concerto "Blue Flower" with the Cuizhu Orchestra.
With the help of Professor Wei, his musical quality and oboe performance skills have been rapidly improved.He also received the guidance of world-renowned oboe virtuoso Professor Jonathan Small, Professor Garcia-Cano, Professor Liu Mingjia, Professor Christian Schmitt, Professor Claradent-Boganyi, Dr. Huang Zheng, etc. In 2021.

★About Yiqi Chen
My name is Yiqi Chen from Shenzhen, an advanced and international city in China. I was born in December 2007. When I was 7 years old, I run into and love the cello , a beautiful sweet instrument. Perhaps it was fate,when I was 10 years old, I met the talent scout Mingqing Yu in my life, and I was admitted to the fifth grade of CCOM affiliated primary school and began my road to cello professional. I have often performed with my teacher all over the country, and finished demonstration performance in some large-scale activities and master classes. Such activities gave me a lot of learning experience . During the period of school, I kept the first place in the cello major of the whole grade every semester. In July 2020, I was admitted to the junior high school affiliated to the Central Conservatory of Music as the first place.In the same year, I won the first place in the attached high school for my final professional performance. AWARDS and HONORS: *2017 Hong Kong International Music & Arts Festival Children Group: Second Prize *2019 The 6th Scholarship Competition for Central Conservatory of Music School Viola & Cello: Third Prize *2019 The 8th “AiQin” Prize And The 3rd International Cello Competition Children Group: First Prize Ensemble Group:First Prize And he gave a solo performance at the closing ceremony at The Poly Theatre in Beijing. *2020 The 2th "Cello Family" International Competition Junior Group: First Prize Ensemble Group: First Prize *2020 The 30th Young Musician International Competition "Citta'd Barletta" First Prize + Special Prize for Arts Management *2020 International Music Competition Best Saint-Saens Performance First Prize Winner *2020 International Music Competition Bonn "Grand Prize Virtuoso" First Prize Winner + Exceptional Young Talent Special Prize. *2020 San Francisco, USA International Innovative Music Competition Junior Cello: First Prize *2020 "CROWN OF STARS" Music & Star Awards The "GRAND PRIX-CROWN OF STARS" Best Instrumentalist in all age categories for strings, And the only special award : "FULL CELLO SCHOLARSHIP". An invitation to record with KNS Records, an interview with a classical magazine. *2021 The 3rd Gustav Mahler Prize Cello Competition 1st Prize and Category Winner, Prize of Director of Gustav Mahler Institute, and Special Prize Oline Lessons by Michaela Fukacova. *2021 Vienna Golden Hall String Music Invitational Competition Special Gold Medal of Youth Group . *2021 the 8th Stockholm International Music Competition The first prize of Cello Group C . *Gold Award of Professional Secondary School Group in Asia-pacific region of 2021 Prokofiev International Music Competition.

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