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Sophia Zhang

Sophia Zhang USA


Hello, my name is Sophia Zhang. I am eight years old. Currently I am a third Grader at Clegern Elementary School. I have an older brother, his name is Luke, who is thirteen. I live with my mom and dad in Edmond, Oklahoma. I has been learning Piano since I was five. My Piano teacher is Ruirui Johnson. She is so good at Piano, she is very kind to me and I love her. I had won Second place in Piano Solo at Iscart International Music competition in April 2021. Besides Piano, I am a swimmer, and I love singing and ballet too! I love reading, my favorite book so far is Dairy of Wimpy Kids. I love to play with my friends. I have two pet fishes, one name is Sapphire, another is star link. They are beta fishes, so I must put them in separate tank. My hamster Snowball is super cute. She sleeps at the daytime, and so active when we sleep during the night. Thank you for reading my message. I hope you will enjoy my Rondo composed by Mozart. Have a beautiful Day!

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