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Aria Zhao

Aria Zhao USA


Aria Zhao has been studying the piano under Ms. Jia Shi since the age of six years old. She is the Laureates of many competitions, including Bay State Piano Competition, Virtuoso Grand Piano Competition (invited to perform at the Mirabell Garden in Salzburg, Austria), Golden Classical International Piano Competition, OPUS Music Competition state level, Concorso International Music Competition in Palmanova, Italy. Aria is honored to be Laureates and the youngest pianist award at the International Fedrick Chopin Competition for the Youth in Poland. Recently, Aria won the Third Place at Paderewski International Piano Competition; Chopin Waltz Award and Counsel General Award at Chopin Avenue International Piano Competition. Aria is the recipient of Alice Procter Award for outstanding original composition in the classical style. In August, Aria was invited to perform Concerto with Tarnow Orchestra in Poland. Aside from piano, Aria enjoys drawing, swimming, ice-skating and playing cello.

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