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Adriana Zarzu

Adriana Zarzu 🇺🇸 USA


Adriana Mihaela Zarzu was born and raised in Brasov Romania, and now calls California, USA her home. She is a self-taught classical soprano singer, that has been fascinated with and has a strong passion for music. She also holds a degree in Arts and Science but was advancing her music career at the School of Music in Sacramento, California. Ms. Zarzu is fluent in two languages and sings without any difficulty in five languages. She has begun singing solo and acting at a young age including in school plays and has been performing at local theaters, church communities, and in Vienna Austria in 1990. She has also volunteered to perform for special needs and underprivileged children. Ms. Zarzu is the First Place Winner, (Classical Repertoire) of the American Protege International Vocal Competition 2021.

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