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Career Coaching

A six month membership to Fast Forward, from The Fearless Artist Mastermind

Our membership for classical musicians at The Fearless Artist Mastermind will allow you to meet musicians from around the world who understand you and the unique challenges you face on a daily basis. You'll be included in our amazing community and get feedback on your most important career topics to help propel you forwards. With twice a month Zoom calls and an active community on Slack, you'll also be able to set clear goals and get the accountability you need to reach them. 

The Fearless Artist Mastermind is based in Netherlands and works with clients globally

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The Fearless Artist Mastermind

The Fearless Artist Mastermind was created in 2020 by Michelle Lynne and Deanna Petre in order to empower musicians to create their own careers and take advantage of opportunities by providing them with real world skills, education and support. 

We offer workshops and group coaching to help them succeed and know that they have every capacity to find their unique spot in today's world and be a contribution, creating a fulfilling career.

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